Have you ever dreamed of creating a perfect woman and getting all kinds of sexual pleasures from her? If so, this is the porn game for you! At the cutting edge of technology, this app uses virtual reality to give you the best experience possible! Here is our review of VR Fuckdolls. Let yourself be carried away in a world of virtual pleasures with VR Fuckdolls and discover new sensations with this new kind of ass game!

To know more about it, we propose you a complete presentation of this porn game: conditions, principles, rules, functioning, advantages, disadvantages… Discover this X title without taboos and without limits.

Presentation of VR Fuckdolls

From the start, VR Fuckdolls offers you the possibility to customize your virtual companion. You will have the choice between several sizes of breasts, different colors of hair as well as a place of predilection for your sexual practices. More like a dungeon for S&M fantasies? High school for your naughty student fantasies? A brothel for virtual orgies? It’s up to you!

As soon as your character is ready, all you have to do is dive into the action, on PC or mobile devices. The main interest of this game is that it is compatible with most virtual reality headsets! Whether you use Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR, you will have a naughty time in total immersion.



Satisfy your fantasies by creating the girl who excites you the most

Every man has his own style of girl and his own favorite places to get laid. And with Fuckdolls VR customization settings, there’s something for everyone! First, choose the location to experience your sex scene:
The high school if school girls and/or teacher/student relationships make you fantasize.

Once you’ve chosen your adventure location, it’s time to choose your virtual partner. You can customize her according to your desires and your wildest fantasies: brunette, blonde, redhead? Small or large breasts? Flat or bulging buttocks? Model her freely for the highest level of excitement!

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Then choose her special ability. Indeed, during your games, your partner will have a power: she can be excellent in fellatio, in sodomy or other. It’s up to you to see what turns you on! And as you play, you will get points that will allow you to develop the skills of your creature. Once your female character is created, you can throw yourself into the fire of action.

On your computer or smartphone, you can launch yourself into a multitude of naughty adventures. And thanks to a virtual reality headset, the immersion will be total!

Take advantage of the features to raise the temperature

In addition to the many customization possibilities, VR Fuckdolls allows you to move, caress and multiply sexual relations. With this porn game, the pleasure is always at its peak! The graphics are of a remarkable quality to ensure that the excitement is always there. Every detail is well highlighted as well as the moans of your partners which are far from being discreet.

VR Fuckdolls is played with a virtual reality headset. If you do not have this equipment, no problem! Just play in normal mode. Important note: the site indicates right away that this game is not suitable for people suffering from epilepsy and those with aggressive behavior.

Fun alone or with others

In VR Fuckdolls, you will also have the possibility to play in Solo or Online. If the single player mode invites you to multiply the sexual practices with your pixel companion (very well modeled, you’d think you were there!), the multiplayer mode opens new possibilities. With your avatar, you can get in touch with many other players and thus indulge in the joys of multiplayer sex.

Meeting new people and having sex in a virtual world is an unforgettable experience that will quickly get you hooked! We love it! This game has won numerous Game Awards over the past few years and it’s no wonder, as it’s one of the most successful combinations of sex and virtual reality.

So instead of letting your VR headset gather dust, use it for a good reason. With VR Fuckdolls, the feeling of being immersed in the action is worth it! If you also like to be able to direct your partner to do her best, you will be served with this very successful sex game! In my opinion VR Fuckdolls is really one of the best VR porn games.

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VR Fuckdolls porn games

Advantages and disadvantages of VR Fuckdolls

Let’s continue with an overview of the pros and cons of this virtual reality X game.


Negative points

VR Fuckdolls is for adults only. A confirmation of your age is required before starting. This verification has a simple objective: to avoid minors to find themselves in front of wild female characters and open to all proposals.
Game X is not suitable for everyone: it is accessible to adults, but also to those who do not suffer from epilepsy and aggressive behavior. A verification of these points is requested before you start.

How do I sign up for VR Fuckdolls?

As stated, VR Fuckdolls is for adults only. Once on the site, you will be immediately immersed in the very hot universe of this porn game. Indeed, the trailer doesn’t skip a beat: between the very torrid positions, even acrobatic, and the dolls who give it their all in X scenes that are daring to say the least, you’ll immediately be in the heart of the action!

After seeing this trailer, you’ll only want to play the next part. To play, you must register. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to engage in naughty adventures with partners you’ve created yourself. Advantage of your registration: access to many other sex games. Titles in 3D for even more intense pleasure, dated games but just as naughty, mini-games not necessarily exciting but which are ideal to take a “break a little softer” between two games really hard.

In short, you will have access to a wide variety of titles! Some porn contents (movies, pictures…) are also on the program. Your subscription to VR Fuckdolls will bring you some very naughty surprises that will keep you busy for a while…

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VR Fuckdolls: a technological porn game for an intense desire

Be sure, with VR Fuckdolls, long and beautiful hours of pleasure await you. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it! Pleasant to play, VR Fuckdolls ensures exciting sensations for every player. Between the high quality graphics and the numerous customization options, this porn game guarantees an incredible naughty experience.

And thanks to the use of virtual reality, each player is 100% immersed in his X scenes. With this title, everything is gathered to become a full actor and to spend a very intense naughty moment. In my opinion VR Fuckdolls is the most realistic sex game. Alone or with others, choose the mode you want and launch yourself into the VR Fuckdolls adventure.

Create your dolls according to your fantasies, select the ideal place for your sex games and throw yourself into the fire of action! As you can see, our opinion on VR Fuckdolls is very positive, it’s a real success. So, if you like or dream of directing your partner, VR Fuckdolls is made for you! As soon as you get a taste of this X game, there’s a good chance you’ll get hooked. So, if you want to make up your mind about VR Fuckdolls, click on the link below.

VR Fuckdolls adult games

Our final opinion on VR Fuckdolls

This game is a real revolution in the online porn game market and that’s why we recommend it to you 100%. The virtual reality is a major asset of this game which plunges you in the middle of hot sex parties where you will really feel like you are there. The graphics and sound effects are very well done and once again you will feel like you are sharing a real hot moment with sexy dolls.

Finally you will have the possibility to customize your dolls so that they really correspond to the woman of your dreams and that she is the sexiest possible. With this feature, it is impossible to be disappointed with your partner.

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