Fallout is one of those video game franchises that everyone is familiar with. They are usually post-apocalyptic action RPGs, and Fallout Parody is very similar! If you liked Fallout 4 (the game this parody porn is based on), you’ll love Fallout Parody.

Fallout Parody, the sex game based on the Fallout franchise

To start playing Fallout Parody, you’ll have to create an account. It’s an online game, and to save your progress you need to create an account and have an internet connection. However you can also play in your web browser, or you can download it and play the full version, depending on your PC. If you’ve come this far because you want a porn experience in the Fallout universe, you won’t be disappointed. This is a totally insane game!

The graphics are close to those of Fallout 4, and the sex scenes are a parody of multiple Fallout games (New Vegas, Fallout 3, Fallout Shelter and more). Like the base game, this parody is set in a post-apocalyptic future – a perfect setting for some amazing sex scenes! If you like parody sex games, you’ll love Resident Simulator! There is even a customization aspect which is very rare with a parody.

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Usually we try to stay really on the basic design, but here you can change your outfit and the NPC’s for a sexier look. And all this while respecting the basic Fallout theme of post-apocalyptic! For a game that is really leaning towards the customization side of things, consider trying VR Fuckdolls and Sex Penetrator.

fallout adult game



A modern and beautiful sex game!

If you’ve ever played Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 or Fallout 76, you’ll be familiar with the V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System). It’s a device that enhances combat, letting you zoom in on the targeted body part while pausing the action. Fallout Parody features this tool, but, you guessed it, makes it ultra sexy!

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Use VATS during sex scenes to slow down the action and target the body part you want! It makes sex really precise and super enjoyable. You don’t see this kind of tool in porn games very often. The use of the unity engine makes the game graphically incredible. It looks just like the original. For us, it’s one of the best video game porn parodies we’ve tested! (Although we loved Minecraft Parody and Metal Gear Solid Parody too!)

How to fuck in Fallout Parody

In order to start fucking the chicks in the game, you’ll have to learn how to seduce them. Not all women are created equal, and not all will be seduced in the same way. You’ll need to get to know each one so you know how to flirt in a way that will seduce them. Some women like a confident man, some like a smart man… you have to test to find out! You can also play as a woman if you feel like it. Instead of chasing chicks, chase hot men with big dicks! There’s no shortage of hot men in the Fallout franchise either!

fallout sex game

Our Final Conclusion on Fallout Parody

To draw a conclusion on this presentation, let’s start by saying that it’s an excellent quality parody. It really respects the Fallout universe, and makes you enjoy excellent graphics thanks to the use of the Unity Engine.

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