Crazy Fake Taxi, the game that combines racing and fucking!

If you’ve ever been on a porn video site, you know about Fake Taxi videos. It’s a kind of porn video where the goal is to make women get into a “fake cab”, and make them pay not with a credit card or cash, but with their body! Crazy Fake Taxi is a sex video game that takes this theme, as well as the theme of racing games. Read on to know everything about this very innovative porn game!

As you have just learned, Crazy Fake Taxi takes the fake cab porn theme. But what makes it unique is that it mixes it with a racing porn game a la Need for Sin. The racing game aspect is pretty simple: you will race and attack other vehicles. You will do tricks and learn new skills as you level up and earn money!

So, Crazy Fake Taxi takes these two aspects of racing and fake cab to create a really unique porn game experience. Between each race where the goal is to level up, there are hardcore sex scenes! Hot chicks that will want to get into your “cab” to get ripped. What could be better? There is also a gameplay aspect here: the more women you please (and manage in bed), the more XP you will get!

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All women in the game are potentially open to fuck in the car, just flirt with them and lead the conversation to sex. However, there are some of them that you won’t be able to fuck until you reach a certain level.

crazy fake taxi porn game

An exceptional game and universe

This game gives you a pretty spectacular open world (in the same way as Cyberslut 2069), and a wide variety of NPCs. You can explore different districts and talk to all your customers, as well as other players. All the chicks will want to chat with you, but be careful! Some encounters may end with their husbands finding out about you!

It’s really an exceptional game that brings together several themes and offers you a unique experience: once you’ve finalized your registration, it only takes 5 minutes of play before you have your first sexy encounter!

Our final opinion on Crazy Fake Taxi

If you’re looking for a game that combines a lot of different elements like racing, exploring, multiplayer and fucking, you’re in the right place! Crazy Fake Taxi is an excellent game with many different themes and ways to play. It’s a game with a huge replayability, and it will be different every time. The graphics are really great, and the gameplay is responsive and fun.

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